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1. Cervical Cytopathology Atlas

Published December 2006

The atlas is both a bench top training manual and a reference guide. It is intended for use by trainee cytology screeners and as an aid to all other grades of scientific and medical laboratory staff who screen and/or report cervical samples. It is anticipated that the atlas will supplement more detailed training delivered by the NHSCSP approved cytology training centres.

Images from the atlas are also available on a CD in PowerPoint and JPEG format.

Copies have been distributed to cytology training centres, cytology laboratories and QA reference centres for training and reference purposes. Please note that the atlas is a laboratory resource and copies will not be sent to individuals. Requests from laboratory training managers only for additional copies should be sent to Sharon Whitehurst at the NHSCSP Cytology Education Office.


2. NHSCSP Requirements for Training in Cervical Cytopathology

Published November 2009

For trainee cytology screeners only.

The NHSCSP Cervical Cytopathology Training Log was reviewed following consultation with the National Cervical Cytology Education and Training Committee (NCCETC). This document supersedes the fourth edition of the training log, and is for grades of non-medical staff who are undergoing training in the primary screening of cervical samples. All staff who intend to primary screen cervical samples in the NHSCSP must obtain the City & Guilds Level 3 Diploma in Cervical Cytology.

This document sets out guidance on NHSCSP requirements for training in cervical cytopathology and includes the suggested content of a slide reference library and example worksheets which may be used to supplement laboratory in house training documentation.


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