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Education strategy


Education Strategy (Jan 2010)

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UK NSC education strategy for English screening programmes


The UK NSC education and training strategy provides a framework to assist in the development of education and training plans, establishing priorities and maximising sustainability. The strategy aims to develop, facilitate and evaluate screening education and training led by the UK NSC's Director of Programmes' Office. The document offers the reader an overview of the principles and processes adopted by the UK NSC in terms of meeting the education needs of staff involved along the screening pathways.

A wide range of work streams form part of the education and training strategy including programme specific activity, national training programmes, higher education involvement, generic cross-programme activity, regional team activity, stakeholder engagement, multi-agency work, regulation and monitoring, quality assurance, evaluation, raising awareness, and web-based information.

Bringing this range of activities together into one strategy enables generic approaches to be identified together with common objectives and activities so that resources can be used more efficiently and effectively.

This strategy is intended to meet the needs of all staff involved in antenatal, newborn and adult screening programmes (excluding cancer), and those staff working across all screening programmes.

Sustainability is at the heart of the strategy and the aim is to embed screening information into existing education structures and pathways, establish links to national standards and quality assurance pathways to maximise sustainability and as a result, ease access across the country. In this way the UK NSC acts as an effective enabler of screening education.

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