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E-learning for the NHS Screening Programmes is moving to the e-learning for Healthcare (e-LfH) website on 3 April.
Read more about the move to e-LfH and how to sign-up.

e-learning help


1. What e-learning modules are available?

There are a number of e-learning modules that we provide:

  • Antenatal and newborn screening
  • Screening incidents
  • Condensed Education Module for T21 screening
  • Nuchal Translucency
  • FASP - Cardiac
  • Infectious diseases in pregnancy
  • Newborn and Infant Physical Examination
  • Improving blood spot quality
  • Expanded newborn blood spot screening
  • Newborn hearing Screeners
  • Newborn hearing risk management and failsafe - under review
  • Sickle cell and thalassaemia
  • Sickle cell and thalassaemia laboratory modules

They can all be accessed from the main e-learning page.


2. How do I register for an e-learning module?

Please note that every module must be registered for separately. The registration link can be found on each module's page.

Most modules have an introductory unit, which explains who the module is for and what it covers. At the end of this unit, you'll be taken to the registration page for the eLearning module.

Registration is straightforward. You'll need to enter your email address and a password (this will be entered twice to make sure you've not made a mistake when typing it in). Access to the module is restricted so you'll need to use these two pieces of information to log in if you take a break mid way through and come back to the module later.

The module will remember where you're up to so if you come back to it at a later time or date you'll pick up exactly where you left off.

You'll also need to enter your name (this is for your customised certificate of completion at the end of the module) and also where you work.

First select which type of organisation you predominantly work for and then its name. If your organisation is not present in the list, please contact us.

Finally, you'll need to enter the characters you see in the image. This helps to prevent spam.

When you press the 'continue' button you'll be sent an email with a link in it. Clicking on this link will complete the registration process and take you to a page on the website with the eLearning agreement. Please read the agreement carefully before you continue as it explains your responsibilities in using the module. When you're happy, click on the 'I accept all of the above conditions' button to start the eLearning module.


3. Where can I get further help with registration?

Here are some common questions about registration:

  • I've registered but haven't received my confirmation email yet. What should I do?

    Sometimes the email gets blocked by your spam filter. Try checking your spam folder. If it's not there, contact us and we can resend it.

  • I've already registered at work. If I want to access the module at home, do I need to register again?

    No. You only need to register once. You can then use your log in details from any computer, not just the one you registered on. If you register for a second time, you'll have to start the whole module again!

  • Should I register again if I change my email address?

    No. This will make the numbers of people who completed the module inaccurate. Just contact us to let us know your new email address and we will update your account. This will maintain your completion history and provide accurate audit figures.

  • I get an "access denied" error when I try to log in. What I am doing wrong?

    This means you've tried logging in used the "log-in" link in the bottom right of the screen. The best way to access the eLearning module is by clicking on the "Open the module" button on the main elearning page.

  • When I try to log in, I get an error saying "E-mail address or password not found in our database". I'm sure I typed my password correctly. Why could this be?

    This probably means you already had a user account on one of the screening websites before registering for this eLearning module (for example, if you've previously registered for another eLearning module). In this case, you should continue using your existing password as it won't get overwritten by a new password you enter during registration.

  • I've forgotten my password - how can I find out what it is?

    Just contact us and we'll resend it to you.

  • Can I register for just one part of the module?

    Some of our resources, like the Screening Incidents module allow you to dip in and out so you can just do the bits you're interested in. Others, like the Antenatal and Newborn Screening module, require you to complete all units. This is because it's designed to provide an overview of all the programmes in context. Don't worry if some of the programmes are more relevant to you than others - you should enjoy getting some basic information about them all.

  • Can I register if I'm not in England?

    Our e-learning modules are aimed at health professionals involved with screening in England. However, registration for most of them isn't restricted to just English users (the newborn and infant physical examination module is only open to professionals working in England, however). If you work in another part of the UK, though, you should be aware that although the general concepts will be the same, some programme-specific information may not be accurate. To register just select "other" for the organisation and then enter your details in the free text field.


4. How do I view the videos and animations?

The eLearning module contains a number of video clips. An example clip is shown below. You should see the first frame of the video. When you move your mouse over the rectangle, some icons will appear at the bottom. Most clips won't start to play automatically, so you'll need to click on the play () icon. Try playing the clip below to check it works.

To pause the clip, click on the pause () icon. To replay the clip, click on the stop () icon and then on the play icon again. You can play a clip as often as you want before continuing.

Most of the clips have sound, so make sure you have speakers connected to your computer (and that they are plugged in and switched on) or that you are using headphones.

Could you see the picture and hear the sound for the video above? If you couldn't hear anything, check that the volume on the computer is turned up.

If you can't see the video, you will need to install the Adobe Flash Player plug-in on your computer. You can obtain the latest version of this from (it's free).

If this doesn't help, or you don't have administrator access to your computer, contact your local IT department.

Please note that we strongly recommend that you have at least a 4MB internet connection when accessing this resource (with lower bandwidth connections, you may find the video clips do not play smoothly).

You will also need to be using a screen resolution of at least 1024x768. The resource is not designed for lower resolutions (eg. 800x600).


5. How do I increase the size of the text?

Use the Large text size Large text option at the bottom left of the elearning slide if you need to make  the text larger.


6. How do I use the notepad?

The notepad allows you to enter personal notes on a particular page, for example to remind yourself of something you didn't understand or want to consider further. Click on the Notepad Notepad option at the bottom left of the elearning slide to open the notepad. TheView notes View notes option will open a window which will display all the notes you've entered in this unit; you can then print them out to keep them (using the Print your notes link in the top right corner). You can save the notes to your computer by printing them as a PDF file (your IT department will be able to help you do this if you don't know how to) or by copying and pasting the text into a Word file. Your notes will be saved indefininitely, however, so you can always read them again within the elearning module, even if you take a break mid way through the module


7. How do I navigate within the unit?

When you go into a unit, a new window will open showing you the first page of that unit.

At the top of each page, you'll see a purple bar showing the name of the unit you're currently working on.

Under this, you'll see a drop-down menu showing the current page. You can use this menu to move to a particular page. Please note, though, that you cannot jump ahead to miss pages out. You need to view all pages sequentially. When you've done this, you can then use the menus to move quickly to a particular page.

The current page number is also displayed in the bottom right of the elearning slide. Click on the right hand arrow  under the page number to progress to the next slide.

The content of each page is shown in the wide middle column. If the page content is longer than will fit on the screen, a vertical scroll bar will be displayed. Use this to scroll down to read all the content before continuing to the next page.


8. How do I work from one unit to the next?

After registration, you'll be taken to the home page, which shows you all the units that make up the entire module.

Each unit covers a particular topic. Click on the unit name or icon to open it.

For some modules, you'll need to start at the first unit and work through them sequentially until you get to the last one. To begin with, only the first unit will be marked as 'open', which means you can access it. The others will be shown as 'not available'. As you complete each unit, the next one will be marked as 'open'. You can always return to an earlier unit if you want to, but you can't jump ahead to a later unit.

For other modules, all the units are 'open' straight away. This means you can complete them in any order you'd like, though we'd usually recommend the order specified as this way the content will make the most sense.


9. How do I print my certificate or get an updated certificate?

Many of the eLearning modules have a completion certificate at the end.

You'll be given the option to print your certificate after the last unit. But if you don’t print it out then, you can do it later by logging back in and clicking on the “print certificate” link under the unit icon. If you have the necessary software installed, you can save a copy to your computer as a PDF file (if not, ask local IT to help).

Some of our modules (such as the antenatal and newborn screening module and the infectious diseases in pregnancy module) encourage users to recomplete the module on an annual basis. A year after you finished it, you'll get an email to say it has been reset. The next time you log in you'll be able to complete the module (and any assessments) again and print an updated certificate with a new date on.

If you wish to recomplete the module before a year has passed, please contact us and we can reset the module for you.


10. Where can I go for further help?

For technical issues, such as not being able to see a video clip or animation, please contact your local IT department as your computer may need to have other software installed.

For queries about elearning content, please contact us.


E-learning for the NHS Screening Programmes will move to Health Education England's e-Learning for Healthcare (e-LfH) website on 3 April 2017.

We will send you a record of all your completed e-learning modules up to 17 March 2017.

You must download and save certificates for any modules completed after 17 March.

Read more about the move to e-LfH and how to sign-up.