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Induction Resource


The NHS Screening Programmes Induction Resource is intended this resource to support all those involved in screening for:

  • Abdominal aortic aneurysm
  • Diabetic eye screening
  • The six antenatal and newborn screening programmes:
    • Sickle cell and thalassaemia
    • Fetal anomaly screening, including trisomy 21, 18 & 13, and fetal anomaly ultrasound
    • Infectious diseases in pregnancy: HIV, hepatitis B, syphilis and rubella susceptibility
    • Newborn blood spot
    • Newborn hearing
    • Newborn and infant physical examination

The resource can be used by Screening Coordinators to provide information to health professionals, facilitate induction sessions for new staff, refresher courses and other updating sessions. It can also be used as a self-directed induction pack.

It includes:

  • essential screening facts
  • practical information
  • a template for local use (antenatal and newborn screening programmes only)
  • access to additional resources

To access the resource simply click on the section you need in the left hand menu.

Each section can be printed for use as a handout. 

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