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Interactive blood spot card


Tip for completing the interactive card!

If you are having trouble finding the last question, hover your mouse over 'NEWBORN' in the top left of the card - you should see a different view with a barcoded label.

Show Instructions
  • Hover your mouse over an area of the card that you would like to know more about
  • Click on this area and a multiple choice question will appear
  • Choose the answer(s) that you think are correct by selecting the tick boxes
  • Click 'DONE' to see if you are correct
  • The correct answer(s) will appear, and for some questions additional information will be given
  • To select another area of the card, close the information box and click on any area of the card to return to the first screen

Click on an area of the card to reveal a question

Example Bloodspot Card
Baby's NHS number.
Baby's details (on bar-coded label)
Bar-coded label
Ethnic code
GP practice code
Mother's NHS number
Alternative surname
Telephone number/name of person taking sample
Birth weight
Date of specimen
Is this a repeat?
Has the baby had a blood transfusion?
Date of last transfusion
Is the baby in hospital?
Expiry date
Surname (on filter paper section)
Blood spot circles

E-learning for the NHS Screening Programmes moved to Health Education England's e-learning for Healthcare (e-LfH) website on 3 April 2017.

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