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Screening Evidence and Practice Book


About the book

The Oxford University Press Public Health Skills text by Dr Angela Raffle and Sir Muir Gray on ‘Screening; Evidence and Practice' is available on-line at Oxford Scholarship Online.


Screening Evidence and Practice

Screening Evidence and Practice


Sir Muir Gray and Dr Angela Raffle have been at the forefront of achieving improvements in UK screening over many years, and they bring a wealth of experience to this non-technical introductory guide covering all aspects of screening. The first four chapters deal with concepts, methods and evidence, explaining what screening is and how it is evaluated. Chapters five to eight describe practical aspects, for example how to make policy, and how to deliver screening to a high standard. The book includes numerous examples and real-life case histories, a glossary to make medical terms accessible to all, and each chapter concludes with a summary and self-test questions. Reference is made to the UK National Health Service, a leader in screening, but the book is internationally relevant because the principles of good screening apply in any setting. The controversies, paradoxes, uncertainties, and ethical dilemmas of screening are explained in a balanced way.

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